Game Review – Ball Jump – Power UP


For all players that enjoy playing adventure games on their smartphone, there are hundreds of games available for your smartphone. These games are quite easy and fun to play and yet at the same time will push you to react fast in order to win your high scores. To help you out, we looked and we found one incredibly addictive and exciting adventure game with exciting jumping gameplay that will put your skills on the test each time you play. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Ball Jump – Power UP?

Ball Jump – Power UP is an incredibly fun and exciting to play adventure game developed for Android users that offers a challenging ball jumping gameplay that will put your precise and fast reactions to the test. The ball jumping game is easy for playing, offering amazing sharp graphics and cool sound effects that will get you hooked to playing on your first try. Have fun jumping with the ball from one object to the next object, keeping the ball safe and trying to get it as far as you can without falling down.

Why do we love this game?

This adventure game offers you amazing features and an addictive ball jumping gameplay that will get you addicted to playing on your first try. Your task in this ball jumping adventure is to touch the screen in order to power up, jumping with the ball from the object the ball stands on to the next one without falling down.

You need to be careful and precise, powering up just enough so the ball can safely land on the object because if you power up more or less than the needed, the ball will fall down and the game will end for you. As you progress, the game becomes more challenging and you need to get the ball as far as possible in order to get more scores. Try to win the highest scores and become the ultimate jumper of this addictive and fun ball jumping game.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to jump with the ball and get it as far as possible!

Official Website: Ball Jump – Power UP

Google Play Download Link: Ball Jump – Power UP


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