Game Review – BMX Rider 3D


BMX is a better activity in real life than it is in video games. There have never been many good BMX games, even on console or PC. Still, it’s a fun genre if you find the right game. Mobile BMX games are a little average, even for BMX games. You won’t find anything super great in this genre. There are a few decent ones though, so here is one the best BMX games for Android.

What is BMX Rider 3D?

Looking for a BMX bike game to play? Then you’ve came to the right place – today we’re presenting to you one of our favorites. It’s called BMX Rider 3D, now available on the Android platform for free. Offered by InfoSoft NI, this awesome bmx game is highly addictive, challenging and fun. We loved its overall design – the developers added realistic bmx simulator, 3D high-quality graphics and neat on-screen controls.

Game Features

Control your bmx bike and have loads of fun with BMX Rider 3D. Basically, this game lets you experience the most immersive first-person bmx action right on your mobile, anywhere you are, anytime you want. You will have to showcase your best skills, ride fast and use the controls on your screen in order to pull up bmx stunts. Do manuals, slides, flip tricks, grabs, wall rides and all the other tricks you can come up with, prove yourself as a skilled daredevil, pulling backflips and wheelies over the mounds of dirt, stay balanced on your bmx bike if you want to progress to more challenging levels. The game features tons of levels that you can unlock, exciting trails full of dangerous obstacles, and an endless replay button if you fail a course.

With real physics, realistic simulator, beautiful HD environments and addictive gameplay, BMX Rider 3D can be downloaded for free from the following Google Play link. Get it today and don’t forget to invite your friends so you can compete with each other!

Google Play Download Link: BMX Rider 3D