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One of the most popular games for our smartphones are certainly the tap games. These games offer us endless fun, getting us addicted to playing fast. With a good, quality tap game on your phone you can test your skills of precision and have fun tapping and getting high scores. To help you find the most fun and addictive tap game for your smartphone, we looked and we found an incredible tap game you will love for sure. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Break It?

Break It is one very fun and addictive tap game which is developed for android users that like to challenge their skills and precision playing and having fun making higher scores as possible. With colorful design with day and night background, and easy to play, this game is suitable for any age. This tapper game can be quite challenging because players need to be careful hitting the right parts of the geometrical shapes. As the player is progressing, the game becomes more and more challenging, testing the player’s fast skills and skills of precision.

Why do we love this game?

On this tap game, players will enjoy one entertaining and yet challenging gameplay that will keep them interested in playing every time. All the players need to do on this game, is to tap the ball to hop it and destroy the geometrical shapes. Players need to beware from the black area, if they hit it the game will be over. With jumping on the red parts, the players will destroy the shapes in pieces. Each time the player is playing he will face challenging geometrical shapes and as he progresses the rotating speed of the shapes will increase, making the game harder and more challenging. As one shape is destroyed, another new one emerges. By destroying more and more shapes the player will progress in the game and get high scores. Players can choose to share their scores made in the game with their friends to see which one of them is the ultimate tapper of this incredible and challenging tap game.

Download this fun game on Google Play for free and enjoy tapping and hopping the ball!

Google Play Download Link: Break It


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