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Puzzle games are certainly one of the most fun and challenging games you can play on your smartphone. If you like to test your skills and puzzle to sharpen your brain, then this type of game offers you all that. Because of the popularity of these games, finding the most addictive and exciting puzzle game to play on your smartphone on the go it can be quite hard. We looked and we found a fun and addictive puzzle game, all puzzle lovers need to try.

What is Bunny Puzzle?

Bunny Puzzle is one incredibly entertaining and addictive puzzle game that is developed for Android users with adorable rabbits, perfect for in-between games. Easy to play, suitable for both kids and adults as well, the game is available in German and English language to challenge your puzzle skills while you have fun playing. Tap on the respective tiles to rotate the puzzle pieces correctly and try to solve many different puzzles that contain cute and comic rabbits.

Why do we love Bunny Puzzle?

Your task on this fun puzzle game with cool features and fun gameplay is to try and solve over 100 different puzzles with adorable rabbits from the Wackelnasen community. New levels are constantly being added on the game to keep your attention and hook you to playing. Contact the game’s fan-page so your rabbit also lands in the game. In order to solve the picture puzzle, you need to tap on the individual fields and each field consists of 4×4 fields, each rotated by 90 degrees.

Your game will be finished as soon all parts are turned correctly and the picture is solved. The game is completely playable without an Internet connection so you can have fun and test your puzzle skills anytime and anywhere you are. Sharpen your brain and tap on the respective tiles to rotate the puzzle pieces correctly.

Download the game now for free on Google Play to solve the picture puzzle by turning the pieces correctly!

Google Play Download Link: Bunny Puzzle


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