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Any arcade lover knows how hard it can to find an addictive and exciting arcade game to test your skills while you play and compete with others to become the best player and win the highest scores. Because finding this type of game for your Android smartphone can be quite hard, we decided to help with the search. We looked and we found one amazing arcade game you need to try for sure with realistic racing gameplay where you can test your luck. The game that we’re talking about is called Getaway.

What is Getaway?

Getaway is an exciting and addictive arcade game which is easy to play, yet challenging for the player. Developed for Android users, this game offers the players a chance to test their luck and try to run away from the law. With sharp graphics and cool sound effects, each player will get hooked to the game fast, choosing among different vehicles and using his racing skills in order to evade the law. Players will enjoy the realistic racing experience while they try to win the highest scores.

Features & Gameplay

This arcade game and the features offered will keep players interested in the game anytime they play. All the player needs to do on the game is to use the simple on-screen control to move his racing car and be careful not to get caught by the police. The player needs to run with his vehicle as fast as he can and evade the law to get the highest scores on the car racing game. To make this arcade game even more fun and interesting for playing, the players are offered to choose among different types of cars of different colors.

Players can choose the vehicle they like the most and use the power-ups offered to see how long they will last in the driving game. With daily login in on the racing game, each player gets awarded with coins he can use to purchase more cars and power-ups. With this game, the player can challenge himself to see how long he will last but also he can compete with other players from all around the world and see who will become the best player that will evade the law.

Download the game for free on Google Play now to test your luck and run to evade the law!

Google Play Download Link: Getaway


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