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All lovers of puzzle games out there know that sometimes it can be difficult to choose a puzzle game to play on the go, that you will enjoy and at the same time will test your skills and sharpen your brain with each level you complete. To make it easier for you, we decided to help with the search. We looked and discovered one incredibly addictive and entertaining block puzzle game that will challenge you and offer the chance to win real cash prizes for your achievements. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is Jewel Blitz?

This incredibly fun, exciting and addictive block puzzle game is developed on the iOS and Android platform, for all users that like to test their puzzle skills by playing for fun or even to compete for cash. The players get to enter tournaments and competitions, playing against other players and winning real cash prizes. The game offers amazing graphics and sounds to keep your attention when you play, challenging you to react and think fast to get the highest scores, facing off players that have similar skills.

How to play?

Clear the lines to score your points in the game. TO complete the row for bonus points you need to place higher of value cubes last. Each player has only 3 minutes to try and beat his opponent and also the players are allowed to arrange shapes onto the board, trying to clear rows without running out of the room.  The task of the player is simple, he needs to drag fruit blocks to the board and fill rows to clear them out. Players can choose to play this block puzzle game in large multiplayer tournaments or as head-to-head with other players.

Both players in head-to-head games get the same order of the same blocks and the player who finishes with the most points win. Leaderboards and trophies are offered to the players to challenge people around the world and show your skills. These Cash tournaments are available in about 75% of the world and if the player doesn’t live in a cash-enabled region, he can still play for fun with the game’s virtual currency.

Download this game on App Store and Google Play for free to beat the opponent in only 3 minutes and clear the rows!

App Store Download Link: Jewel Blitz

Skillz Official Website: Jewel Blitz


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