Game Review – Jumpy Petz


One of the most popular gaming genres is certainly the endless jumper game type. In this type of game, you are tasked to move either forward or up through a level and attempt to survive as long as possible. As you move through the level, things get more difficult, and your skills are pushed to their maximum. Among so of these jumping games, finding the most addictive and fun one can be quite hard. To help you out, we looked and we found one jumping game you need to try. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Jumpy Petz?

Jumpy Petz is one fun, addictive and exciting jumping game that is developed for Android users. This jump game is easy to play with colorful cute graphics and very entertaining sound effects that will get the players hooked on their first try. The player on the game gets a chance to test his jumper skills with jumping and reacting as fast as he can before he runs out of time. Players will enjoy the cute Petz on the game as they try to reach the next tile with their limited time in order to reach the highest scores.

Why do we love Jumpy Petz?

This jumping game and the features offered on it is getting players interested in this fast-paced tap gameplay on their first try while testing their skills each time they play.  All the player needs to do is to tap to jump as fast as possible to reach the next tile of his colored pet. Once the player reaches a tile, the pet changes color and he needs to think fast and reach the next tile as soon as possible before he runs out of time. Players will test their lighting fast tap reflexes and enjoy the clouds and rainbow. The rainbow tiles can be jumped no matter of their color and if a player can jump over them he will earn x3 amount of coins.

The coins the player earns for his achievements can be used for unlocking other Petz from the game’s store that has its unique appearance and color changing. To get high scores on the jumping game the players have to think and act fast, jump as fast as possible and collect as many of the coins on their way.  Players can challenge their friends to play with them and try to reach the highest scores to become the ultimate jumper of this endless jumper game.

Download the game for free now on Google Play to jump to reach the next tile of your colored pet!

Google Play Download Link: Jumpy Petz


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