Game Review – Mushroom Shoot



All of us like playing games on our smartphones. Some of these games offered to us are a great choice for killing time when we are bored or waiting for something. However, because many games are daily offered to us, finding the most casual and entertaining game that will keep us interested in playing can be hard. So, we looked and we have one addictive and fun casual game with shooting gameplay that you will certainly love. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Mushroom Shoot?

Mushroom Shoot is one highly entertaining casual game which is developed for android users, offering them one fun to play mushroom shooting gameplay. This shooting game is quite easy for playing, suitable for any age, offering users to enjoy the high-quality colorful design as the amazing and cool sound effects each time they shoot and play. On this game, the players need to save the mushroom by shooting the rain drops that are falling and want to flood the mushroom. The game requires the player to test his shooting skills and keep the mushroom alive as long as he can.

Why do we love it?

This casual game for android phones is offering endless fun to players, allowing them to constantly enjoy the gameplay, keeping them interested in the game. The gameplay is simple and yet highly addictive, the game is a great choice for players that want to kill some time playing fun games.  All the player needs to do is easy. His task is to shoot the rain drops with tiny mushrooms to avoid the flood and save the mushroom. With touching the mushroom on the screen, the player will move up and down, shooting and destroying the rain drops. The game will be over when the flood covers the mushroom. Players need to keep the mushroom alive for as many seconds as they can. The best players will get titles for their achievements and shooting skills on this cool shooting game.

Download the game now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: Mushroom Shoot