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There are adventure games, and there are choose-you-own-adventure games. You might think that the latter is a split-off from the former, but really the sub-genre emerged from physical choose-your-own-adventure books more than any kind of video game. As such, these games are primarily concerned with narrative and the player’s ability to direct it through their own choices. Because gameplay considerations often take a bit of a back seat, and because it’s tricky to get right, there are just a few specialist developers who make such games. But the best examples are truly memorable to anyone who appreciates a good, engrossing story. And when mobile devices came to the spotlight in the gaming industry, these kinds of games started popping out regularly at the app stores. Now there are many you can choose from, but today we want to bring (not)Guilty to your attention.

The simple yet great game mechanics of interactive fiction games

Interactive text-based adventure games became very popular with the rise of mobile gaming. What was in the past only available in the form of choose your adventure books now thrives in the form of mobile games. (not)Guilty follows the trend of the various amazing text-based interactive fiction games on the market, with its simple minimalistic design and great immersive story. The game takes you on a journey as the story of a gruesome murder unravels. You are taken on a trial in which you as the main character is the investigation lead suspect. Whit many twists, turns and choices you can make along the way, the games keeps you on your toes at all times.

Can you uncover the killer?

The end goal of the game is simple. Uncover the real killer and escape from the terrible circumstances that led you to be placed in the most dangerous prison in the country – Eden. Your choices are your weapon and your fate lays in your ability to make the right decisions. We cannot say much more about the storyline of the game without spoiling it for you. So, if you want to know more, you should head on to Google Play Store and give (not)Guilty a chance. With wonderful storytelling, multiple complex storylines and various endings (not)Guilty will satisfy every choice-based game lover.

Google Play Download Link: (not)Guilty

App Store Download Link: (not)Guilty



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