Game Review – Nuclear Reaction


Puzzle games have challenged human beings for centuries. To put it into perspective, that’s a whole lot longer than the smartphones existed. With so many of them now available for our phones and playing on the go, finding the most exciting puzzle game that will tease your brain and push it to think faster can be quite difficult. To help with your search, we decided to look and we found one amazing multiplayer puzzle strategy game that you will love for sure. Let’s discuss about this game.

What is Nuclear Reaction?

Nuclear Reaction is one exciting and fun brain teaser and mind challenge that is developed for Android users.  On this multiplayer puzzle strategy game, players will be able to enjoy puzzling both locally and online while testing their skills against players from the whole world. With HQ original artwork and graphics and fun sound effects, players will enjoy the strategic gameplay, push their brain to think harder and faster in order to solve each puzzle and become the ultimate player of this puzzle game.  Players will only need to pick their avatar, username and country to start playing and puzzling!

Why do we love this puzzle strategy game?

This puzzle strategy game is offering its user a lot of interesting features that will get them addicted to playing and puzzling fast.  When it comes to playing, the player needs to pick his username, avatar, and country and then pick from the 4 different game modes offered to start playing. The objective of Nuclear Reaction is to take control of the board by eliminating your opponents’ atoms. Players take it in turns to place their atoms in a cell and once a cell has reached critical mass the atoms explode into the surrounding cells by adding extra atoms and claiming the cell for the player. A player may only place their atoms in a blank cell or a cell that contains atoms of their own color and as soon as a player loses all their atoms they are out of the game.

This multiplayer game can be played by 2 to 8 players, and a player can choose if he wants to play against friends or people from the whole world. With cool avatars to choose from, various fun orbs to pick from, the chance to buy upgrades, users can also do the in-game recording and share screenshots and gameplay as well. Users can share their wins with others on social media platforms easily. Use the brain and logical thinking to create the best strategy and win the puzzle game!

Download the game for free now on Google Play to tease your brain and solve the exciting puzzles!

Official Website: Nuclear Reaction

Google Play Download Link: Nuclear Reaction