Game Review – Plunge Ball


Arcade games can make you feel like a kid again, and take you back to an era where the graphics didn’t matter, and you filled your pockets with quarters trying to beat your favorite game. Your iPhone and iPad have more processing power than an old arcade game did in the 80s or 90s, meaning plenty of companies have transferred over classic games to the mobile platform allowing you to play some truly memorable games in video game history. Whether you’re looking for an old classic or a newer title inspired by arcade games of old,  there is something for everyone on the iOS App Store. And here is our pick from all our favorite games of the arcade genre!

Greatly designed arcade pleasure

Plunge Ball is a simple and casual arcade game with beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. Developed for iOS devices, Plunge Ball is an arcade game with challenging and addictive game mechanics you can enjoy in your free time. The game has sleek minimalist design with soothing color scheme. Plunge Ball is a simple and amazing journey of one ball, falling through space, while trying to land safely on the ground, intact from coming asteroids, fast rockets and dangerous meteors and walls.

The addictiveness of arcade game mechanics

The objective of the game is to help the ball falling through space, by steering it away from danger, land safely on the ground. You steer the falling ball right or left by simply tapping on the screen. This way you can safely move the ball away from any potential danger like shooting asteroids, meteors, rockets, and walls. While doing this you also will collect little red diamonds, which will later give you the ability to unlock many fun ball designs you can play with. You can also compete for highest scores with your friends through the gamecenter.

Were you looking for a new, challenging and addictive Arcade game for your iPhone? Try out Plunge Ball, its free and available for download at the App Store.

App Store download link: Plunge Ball