Game Review – Princess Horse Adventure


If you own a smartphone then you’re definitely familiar with the running games where you have to keep running for as long as you possibly can in order to score the highest points. Nowadays, these games are becoming even more addicting and fun, offering you so many different ways you can play them. To help you, we looked and we found one interesting princess adventure game where all you need is to help the princess and win beautiful valentine day cards. Let’s discuss the game.

What is Princess Horse Adventure?

Princess Horse Adventure is one exciting and fun adventure game which is developed for Android users that like enjoy the super-fun and challenging runner more. Easy to play and suitable for kids, this game has to offer its players incredibly beautiful princess HD graphics and music while enjoying the magical world with their favorite princess. All players need to do is to help the princess escape the cursed castle and bring her to the jungle full of yellow roses winning their valentine cards. The game will test the player’s skills and challenge him to run with his princess character as fast as he can to save her.

Why do we love this adventure game?

On this adventure game, the players are offered a lot of interesting features that will get them addicted to playing on their first try. The task of the player is very simple he needs to tap the screen in order to perform a jump or dodge while avoiding all the obstacles on his way. While running, the player needs to collect gold coins on his way. Also, players must be careful not to enter the temple when they are running into the jungle, bringing the princess directly to the jungle full of yellow roses.  Dashing and running as fast as possible and saving the princess will bring the players valentine day cards and the chance to progress to new exciting adventure levels.

With more than 100 levels offered and 4 character modes, players will enjoy running and jumping, helping the princess escape. Exciting power-ups and upgrades are also offered for players that get high scores and progress in as many levels as they can. Save the princess and win the valentine day cards!

Download the game on Google Play now for free to save the princess and win your valentine day cards!

Google Play Download Link: Princess Horse Adventure