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You really can’t get more action than you get with shooting games. Now these incredibly exciting and fun games that ask us to be very precise are available for our phones. Some of it, offer us positive gameplay that can educate about the world’s problems. So, for all green lovers and for all of you that like to learn about the nature and global changes we have one game with shooting gameplay that in the same time offers you educational facts about the plants and the forests. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Seed Shooter?

Seed Shooter is one very easy and fun to play shooting game which is developed for android users and suitable for all ages. By playing this game, players are offered to enjoy beautiful graphics and IU while they have fun shooting and winning points. On the game, all nature and plants lovers will have the chance to shoot seeds and grow their own plants while learning on a fun way many interesting facts about trees, plants, nature and forests. With positive and addictive gameplay, players are thrilled to grow variety of plants by simply shooting the seeds precisely in the same colored pots.

Why do we love this shooting game?

On this shooter game, players will enjoy shooting seeds and growing plants in over 100 uniquely designed levels for all green lovers with completing one simple task and winning scores for their best and most precise shootings.  All the players need to do in order to progress and win high scores is to shoot the seeds in the right colored pots to grow a plant. Also the players need to shoot the bugs to save the trees. While having fun playing, players will learn from more than 1000 interesting facts about plants and nature and share the coolest facts with their friends if they want to. Players will also have the chance to play other interesting game modes like Wheel Jump, Color Wheel and Odd Tile Out games and choose the mode to challenge them. With various achievements to win and leader-boards, players will get to compete and raise nature awareness in the same time.

Download the game on Google Play now for free to grow plants and trees with shooting seeds!

Google Play Download Link: Seed Shooter


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