Game Review – Sky Jet War


Adventure games are certainly one of the most fun and exciting games for our smartphones. However, among many adventure games offered to us nowadays, finding the most interesting and challenging one in the same time can be hard. To make your search for the perfect game easier, we looked and we have for you one amazing adventure game of flying your own jet ship that will challenge your skills for sure. Let’s discuss about the game.

What is Sky Jet War?

Sky Jet War is one very fun and addictive flying adventure game developed for android users, easy to play and suitable for every age. On the game, players will enjoy sharp graphics with incredible and simple interface and cool sound effect of flying their jet ship. Players with this game have the chance to test their skills of flying with being precise and flying their ship through the many dangerous obstacles. The player that flies as long as possible will get high scores while enjoying his own amazing flying adventure!

Why do we love this game?

By playing this adventure game, the players will have the chance to challenge their skills of flying in different challenges offered by the game. Just by holding the ship on the screen the player will drag and move the jet ship across the sky. The task of the player is to move the ship carefully through the many obstacles. On the game, the players need to break the red gates to win points and to avoid the geometrical obstacles to move higher in the sky. If the player is hit by the obstacles, the game ends. Many power-ups across the sky need to be collected by the player which can help him out to move higher. The scores and credits of the player can be used for unlocking new ships and moving into new challenging sky adventures.  Players will get addicted to playing fast and will enjoy the adventure with the chance to become the ultimate jet flyer of the game.

Download the game now on Google Play for free and enjoy your sky adventure!

Google Play Download Link: Sky Jet War