Game Review – SLOT SAGA


For all players that like playing games on their smartphone, on the go, there are many of these simple and yet fun and challenging games you can try. However, among so many of these casual games, finding the most addictive and challenging one can be quite hard.  If you like playing puzzle match games or you enjoy relaxing slot machine games, we are here to help you. We looked and we found an exciting combination of both, an Android game called SLOT SAGA that you need to try right away!

What is SLOT SAGA?

SLOT SAGA is an exciting and fun combo between a match 3 game and slot machines game that is puzzle-style and will test your skills each time you play. Easy and entertaining for playing, this match 3 slot machines game allows you to enjoy the sharp graphics with cool sounds as you try to spin and spin until your fruit bomb comes. Try to match 4 or more items to get your fruit bomb and win thousands of coins for each fruit bomb. Relax and challenge your puzzle skills.

Why do we love this match 3 games?

This match 3 slot machines game with its features will get you hooked to playing on your first try. For all lovers of match 3 games and slot machine games, this game offers the best combination of both. You need to solve the random slot machines items and match them. Very addictive with a casino game mood, this game requires from you to spin and spin and wait for your fruit bomb to appear.

When your fruit bomb comes, the items will blast and you will win thousands of coins. Match 4 items to get a fruit bomb and match 5 items to get another kind of a fruit bomb. Thousands of puzzle levels are offered to test your skills and yet each level will completely relax you every time you play. Have fun and enjoy spinning and puzzling to get your fruit bomb and blast through all the levels.

Download the game for free on Google Play now to test your puzzle skills and match items to blast fruit bombs!

Google Play Download Link: SLOT SAGA


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