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The word games are a source to hone your vocabulary skills. These word puzzles also entertain and serve the purpose of developing English skills. There are many categories in these word games such as puzzles, crosswords, word searches and more to discover. There are some readily available iOS and Android apps that monitor your concentration level and grasping power on the English language. Here we have narrowed down the user choice of word games to one of the most fun, challenging and upbeat apps – Word-X.

What is Word-X?

For lovers of word games, this fun, dynamic and innovative word game will test your cognitive abilities and your ability to do basic math. Residing on the verge of intelligence and swag, this game is developed on iOS and Android platform as a combination of a math and word game. Playable in 5 different languages, the game is offering you the chance to choose to play against the game or to even compete against players from all around the world and to rank high by executing as many words as you can.

Why play Word-X?

Word-X with its amazing features will test the skills of the player but at the same time will get him addicted to playing the game fast. Five different languages are incorporated in the game such as Italian, French, Portuguese, English, and Spanish. The ultimate gaming experience is given to players and they can play against the game or other players. The player just needs to create his account and then choose his opponent and his challenge. Players can play solo, online or in tournaments.

Choose the level you want and start the challenge, executing as many words as possible before your time runs out. When you are stuck, use hints to help you out and by executing words you will collect coins that can be used for unlocking more levels. Points are given to you by adding or subtracting words and based on the word difficulty as well for the swag level points will be awarded to you.  Try to ran high on the global leader-board and test your skills.

Download this game for free on App Store and Google Play to execute as many words as you can before the time runs out!

Official Website: Word-X

App Store Download Link: Word-X

Google Play Download Link: Word-X


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