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Learning and getting ready for a job, gaining the experience you need before you enter the job market is easily done nowadays with the right education app on your smartphone. If you like to enter the digital marketing world and get matched with businesses, there are various apps to help you out. We searched and we discovered an amazing education platform that offers you free marketing courses and digital marketing apprenticeships. Let’s see what the app offers you.

Unique digital marketing education & apprenticeship platform

This education platform is specially created for users that like to take free marketing courses, digital apprenticeships, and certifications in order to get job ready. Easy to use and very user-friendly, the app is developed on IOS and android platform, allowing users to learn digital marketing including content marketing, SEO, email marketing, paid ads, social media and more in the platform’s fast and fun, micro courses available, all for free, directly on your phone. Enter the job market ready with real experience.

Great for both students & business owners/experts

GenM and its features offer help users to get job ready and learn digital marketing by taking free marketing courses and digital marketing apprenticeships. Users get to apprentice with vetted businesses, get one on one mentoring from a top 12% experienced business owner in a 3-month digital apprenticeship. All the apprenticeships are remote and flexible, 5-10 hours a week and only 3 months without long term commitments enabling the user to work or go to school full time. Your ideal match can be found on the app just by choosing the business you want to work with from over 100 matched daily.  You can also message users and chat with them.

To filter your perfect match, just search the app’s filters. Based on real-world experience get the pro certification you can enter in your resume. Join 10,000 other students who are jumpstarting their careers. The platform offers 24/7 client support from the client success team before, during and after the user’s apprenticeship so he can gain the work experience and references he needs to successfully enter the job market.

Download this app now on App Store and Google Play for free to get job ready with marketing courses!

Official Website: GenM

App Store Download Link: GenM

Google Play Download Link: GenM


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