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It’s common practice to ask Google for advice and answers for your questions instead of bothering real people these days. But when your question is maybe too specific and Google’s results are so vague that you’re left with even more questions than you did when you began, where else can you turn to ask questions online? There are some great question/answers/advice apps out there with huge communities of people who are willing to help you out. Although the answers you get might be based mostly on personal opinions and experiences more than qualified knowledge, sometimes it’s still worth hearing what other people have to say.
Share your questions, answers and opinions

Hearing what other people have to say about a particular topic is always a great thing. Different people had different experiences throughout their lives so everyone have slightly or completely different views and opinions on things. Hiyo is the app that connects people from all around the world, so they can ask questions and get answers about anything they can think of. No matter if you need a relationship advice, is it a great idea to quit your 9to5 job to pursuit your true calling or what other people think about the concept of afterlife, you can spark up discussion about any kind of topic with strangers from all around the world.
Share whatever it’s on your mind and keep your privacy

Hiyo takes its users privacy very seriously, so anyone who wants to stay anonymous can feel free to express themselves within the app. Hiyo wants their users to express their opinions, thoughts and worldviews freely and securely. So their identity remains anonymous. If it happens that two users click while discussing in a Topic Card they can connect and chat to get to know one another. And even then how much info about themselves they share it’s completely up to them to decide. Hiyo works in a simple and straightforward way. The user chooses or creates a Topic Card about their interests or questions and start sharing text or voice messages with other users. With the latest update the Awards system was introduced. Now users can give each other support or appreciation for their question, answers and advice with giving awards.
You can find and download Hiyo for free at Google Play Store and the App Store.
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