Get Faster & Easier Where You Need to Go with SpotZ


Like your smartphone, you love your car the most. Every day, you drive to your office in your beautiful car. On weekends, you spend fun time with your family in at beach; your car accompanies you wherever you go. But when you have to park your car alongside thousand others parked in a multi-storied lot, it is a hell lot challenging. To exaggerate this problem, I would say that it is better to find a needle in the haystack. The problem doesn’t stop here because finding a parking place in a crowded lot is equally tiresome.

What is SpotZ?

In this situation, you wish you had a super-gadget that could help you find your car. If you are an iOS or Android user, you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot – we have one of the best apps to help you out. Meet SpotZ, the app that will wash away all the troubles and difficulties of finding a parking spot in your area. Find nearby parking in seconds and easily reserve your spot whenever you want! SpotZ is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

What does SpotZ offer?

SpotZ provides with a huge database of different garages, parking lots, and even parking valet in many states and cities. That’s why it’s very easy and simple to find a parking spot. Just install SpotZ on your Android or iOS device and open the live map to specify the location as well as check-in and check-out date and time. The app will search its database and find you the perfect parking space that will suit your needs. After that, just reserve it and pay through the app itself. You can choose from the best options, including reservable parking locations, you can review the information about the parking lot, garage or parking valet, and enjoy a secure, quicker and more time-saving way of paying for the parking spot you’ve reserved. In addition, the app itself lets you mark your favorite parking spaces.

Find nearby parking spots to reserve whenever you need, download SpotZ for free from Google Play or from the App Store.

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