Get Rapid Currency Converter and Exchange rates list and never worry about currencies anymore!


For the people who have to travel from destination to destination, it is crucial to learn the economy of the terminals. Whether it is for paying travel expenses or making a deal, foreign transactions need to double check for an accurate conversion into the local exchange. Therefore, we are here with the best available solution that is Swift currency converter app.

Rapid Currency converter app enables you to access live exchange rates for every world currency. Track all your favorite currencies at the same time. Trusted by many iPhone users – a perfect travel companion works offline, the beautiful design interface comes with a handy built-in calculator and fast currency search.

You can easily select or deselect any currency of your interest. All you need to do is enter the amount in your base currency and the iPhone currency converter app will show the amounts instantly.

Rapid currency converter gives you access to choose between different sources of updates like:

• European Central Bank

• Bank of England

• Yahoo finance

• Brazil Central Bank

• Central Bank of Russia

• Bank of Canada

• Reserve bank of Australia

And many more sources…

Rapid currency converter app always keeps you up to date with the currency market prices and helps you make quick decisions. It is a simple currency converter. The interface is stress-free to understand. If you are looking for something easy to use, get it.

Download link is mentioned below:

App Store Download Link: Rapid Currency Converter



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