Ginger-U – Intuitive Personal Assistant for Women on the Pill


Taking medication is occasionally frustrating, but ultimately necessary. Thankfully, smartphones can make the experience a little easier. For women that have troubles remembering when they need to take or did they take their birth control pills, there are apps that can help you with that. We searched and found one amazing personal assistant for women on birth control to take their pills effectively with all reminders and information needed. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is Ginger-U?

This personal assistant is specially created for women that are on the pill and need help to stay on track, taking and using the birth control pills effectively. Developed on iOS and Android platform, this health app is easy for using and very intuitive, reminding you to take the pill and tells you what to do in case you forget to take it. Just sign up using your email address, enter the needed info so you can stay on track with the adherence, directly getting notified on your smartphone.

Why choose Ginger-U?

Ginger-U with its features is helping women to stay on track with birth control and adherence. Within the app, you can enter logs in your daily diary simply with answering questions about your mood, last intercourse, the symptoms you had, the protection you use and other questions. The pill tracker and reminder will give you information on the pill you take like its’ side effects and health benefits. The app will keep you on track with your adherence, giving you the info you need on the pill, the days you took it on time and the days you did not.

Because it’s designed to drive adherence, the app provides with extensive information that will assist you in what to do in case of adherence lapse, missing one or more pills. Engage with your personal assistant to track the side effects, follow the cycle and get the needed support like your reminder buddy or your doctor. Automate your refills and share the data with your provider to constantly stay on track with your birth control pills.

Download this app for free on App Store and Google Play to use birth control effectively and keep track with it!

App Store Download Link: Ginger-U

Google Play Download Link: Ginger-U

Official Website: Ginger-U


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