App of the Day – Giraffe is a Great iOS App for Parents to Enhance the Development & Bond with 0-18 months Babies


There are thousands of great child-friendly apps available for smartphones, but finding software that’s appropriate for babies can be a challenge. As a parent if you are looking for an app to help you engage more with your baby to boost his development while enjoying your time together to bond, there are few apps which offer you all this. To make the search easier, we looked and we found a great education app for parents and 0-18 month old babies. Let’s discuss about this baby-friendly app.

What is Giraffe?                  

GIRAFFE is an amazing education app which is developed for IOS users and especially developed for your 0-18 month old baby. This easy to use app for babies has a very child-friendly interface and it helps parents to engage with their babies. Girafe is providing parents with fun and age-based weekly developmental activities they can do with their babies. Each week on the app, you will find new ideas on the early stimulation activities that will boost the development of your baby and help you bound with him.

Why do we love this education app?

This education app for parents and their babies from age of 0 to 8 months old is offering various features to help the parents engage with their baby. The app is working on five areas including Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Communication, Personal Social, and Problem Solving skills. Created by creative and super-efficient parents, this education app is giving the parents age related and concise activities which are creating solid foundation for the development of their baby.

Each of the activities is accompanied by easy-to-follow short video and step-by-step pictures with clear instructions that allows you to quickly get a grasp of the activity at around 1 minute. Links are also provided on the same pages for buying activities, relevant toys or kits from the suppliers to save time. Over 150 age appropriated weekly activity plans with fun-filled and easy to follow instructions for busy cares are offered for parents and babies to enjoy their time spend together.

Download the app on App Store now for free to boost your baby’s development and bound better & smarter!

App Store Download Link: Giraffe


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