Gymify – Amazing Fitness App for Tracking Workouts


Fitness apps become quite popular among fitness addicts and lovers all around the world. These apps can be quite practical, offering you to become more productive and more efficient when you are working out. With the right fitness app on your smartphone, you can follow your progress and get to your body goal while staying motivated each time you are working out. To make the search easier, we looked and we have the right app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this fitness app about?

This fitness app is specially created as one efficient and practical workout tracker that is developed on IOS platform, allowing all fitness addicts to easily follow their workouts at the gym, instantly on their phones. With the help of this tracker, the users have the chance to track their progress, their workouts, create their daily workout routines and get instructions with details about their workouts. Using it will help users to get to their body goal and stay motivated each time they are at the gym.

Why do we choose Gymify?

Gymify and the amazing features offered on it will help each workout lover to get to his goal much easier by allowing him to track his workouts and become more productive at the gym. This app is offering the users over 280 exercises for all major weight lifting equipment, even including barbell, dumbbells, kettle-bells, strength and cardio machines and much more, all available in one app. More than that, the app for users is offering cloud synchronization, allowing its users to easily and without much effort track their workouts, create daily fitness routines, stay motivated and build muscles, reaching their dream body faster. Each of the routines and exercises offered on the app can be customized and the user can create the daily workout programs he likes to.

The routines and workouts offered on the app are including detailed exercise instructions and animations so the user has no issue and becomes even more productive when working out. With this app, the user has the chance to simply and easily track his weight/reps and his sets for each exercise. The app has HealthKit integration and this will indicate the progress of the user in bodybuilding which users can easily discover in the app’s Measurements section.

Download this app for free now on App Store to easily and efficiently track your workouts at the gym!

Official Website: Gymify

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