HD Audio Recording for Your Lectures, Meetings, Songs & Personal Notes – HD MP3 Voice Recorder


The ability to record audio using your phone’s microphone is simply fantastic. It makes voice recording much easier and handy. Voice recording is indeed essential for students, reporters, singers, businessmen, journalists and even to simple users. Nowadays, there are many voice recorders that will make your life a lot easier. To help, we looked and we found one amazing voice recorder for all android users that offer all the features you need in one place. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is HD MP3 Voice Recorder?

HD MP3 Voice Recorder is one amazing and practical voice recorder which is created for all of audio recordings of the user. Easy to use and highly efficient, developed for android users, this app can be used for all of the user’s lecture recordings, meeting notes, recording his songs or even making a quick personal note. All the recordings made with this app are in HD quality and recorded in the popular MP3 format so it will be playable and clear on any device.

Why do we love this voice recorder?

Various features are offered on the app that will make recording MP3 files a lot easier and with the best quality as possible. All the voice recordings on the app are in HD quality and with one touch on the app the users will record in HD voices without any time limits. The recordings are in MP3 format and the user is able to even pause recordings and share his recordings from within the app easily. The recordings are stored by the app on the device for offline usage and the user can also record while the app is in the background and play the recordings when the app is in the background as well. The seek bar allows rewinding and forwarding while playing the recordings. Users can choose the location to save their recordings and they can select the sample rate and bit rate that suits their needs. The app also allows users to rename their recordings as they like.

Download the app for free now on Google Play to easily record audios in MP3 format with HD quality!

Google Play Download Link: HD MP3 Voice Recorder