Hit high scores with Ninja Avengers




Besides being one of the most entertaining arcade games on the App Store, Ninja Avengers can become part of your daily routine, meaning it will addict you to the fullest. Challenging you all the way, this relatively new game app is full with amazing features, like one of a kind gameplay, dazzling graphics and blasting soundtrack.

The game displays simple but very addictive gameplay. You play with the main character, the ninja, and the most awesome one maybe. Equipped with shields and great abilities, this character’s life depends on you. Show your skills in order to save his life. All you have to do is to fly and avoid the obstacles which come across your way. Collect the coins as well, and you will have the possibility to double them whenever you like. Ninja Avengers contains 10 different levels and 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium and hard). Playing and hitting high scores will enable you to unlock new worlds with new wonderful animations.

It requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All of its customers agree with us – this is one of those games that will constantly challenge you. Don’t have second thoughts, test your skills with this marvelous arcade game which awaits you in the App Store, costing only $0.99 for download.

App Store Download Link: Ninja Avengers


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