Hop On an Epic Adventure with Missile Wars: Airplane Escape Endless Flying


Adventure games are among the most unique of any games. They don’t fit into any one category or genre and often times they’ll fit into several genres at once. The only real prerequisite for a game to be an adventure game is that it must take you on an adventure. That describes most games really.

Incredible Action Flying Adventure Game

After some research, we have find an incredible proposal of an action flying adventure game that surely is worth of your time and attention, especially if you’re already a fan of this genre of mobile gaming and searching for new challenge in your free time. We gladly want to introduce you the Missile Wars: Airplane Escape Endless Flying that surely won’t leave you indifferent or bored, having on mind the fantastic graphics, quite challenging and addictive gameplay and cool highly entertaining sound effects.

The Game’s Features

As a player in this ultra fun adventure is required a great sense of control and reflexes in order to keep your airplane safe as the longer you can and escape all the obstacle on the way, like the flying rockets that want to attack you on your way and end the game. Test your skills, avoid the rockets, collect many stars as possible and get the high scores. Prepare your skills well because there are multiple levels waits in this game to be conquered. Yeah, after mastering the game you can challenge your friends to double the fun.

Free to Play

If Missile Wars fits your taste of gaming, visit the Play Store or Amazon link where you can download on your Android device for free. Give it a try and share your thoughts or experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Missile Wars
Amazon Download Link:
Missile Wars


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