How to Download Your Data from WhatsApp?


After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which found that the data analysis company used the personal information of more than 87 million people to favour Donald Trump during the American elections, more and more people are showing concern for the treatment of your personal data in the network. RGPD in Europe comes to give some light.

For the same reason, and in order to comply with the new General Regulation of Data Protection RGPD, which will enter into force in the European Union on May 25, both Facebook, and other services of the company such as Instagram or platform Instant Messaging WhatsApp have enabled the option to discover everything that each of these companies know about you. Now you don’t need a Node.js expert or some app developer in order to find out what these companies have on you. This can be done with five minutes of your time and a really good search of the internet.

Social networks adapt, like other companies, to the new European legislation, but, although they clarify certain aspects, they do not banish the confusing small print. WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook have already launched their new agreements. You will receive a notice to accept or reject these conditions and if you do not accept them, you will not be able to use the app. In addition, another of the important and confusing points of the update is the minimum age to use WhatsApp. Like Facebook, they have also announced a strict measure on children under 16.

How to download everything that WhatsApp knows about you?

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service, allows for a few days to download all the data you have from us. The reason is the new data protection law, which comes into force at the end of May. We explain the steps that must be followed. We leave you this tutorial.

To download the data, you must install the latest version of WhatsApp, available on Google Play.

Once installed, a pop-up window will remind us that we must be older than 16 to use the program. Then, we will go to Settings> Account> Request info from my account. We can then request the report.

In the report is the time of creation of the same, the date of request, our phone number, our name, our last connection status, the time we have online, current and previous IP connection, type of device we use, version of the app, version of the mobile operating system, profile picture and last update, all the telephone numbers in our calendar , all the groups to which we belong, the blocked numbers, detailed history of the service conditions in 2016 and 2018 and we have chosen or not to unsubscribe in sharing WhatsApp data.

These are the data they share with Facebook

The first big change in your terms is that you already speak clearly of the information you share with your colleagues in the ‘Facebook family‘. They speak, without hiding under general terms (as they did before), that from now on all this information is also in possession of Facebook:

Identifier of the mobile.

Version of the operating system.

Version of the application.

Information of the platform.

Code of the country of use.

Network to which we connect.

Last time we use WhatsApp.

Date of registration in the service.

Type of use of the ‘app’.

Frequency of use of the application.


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