iCat is the unique way to educate your kids in two different foreign languages


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Quite a few “baby flashcard” apps available in appstore might be useful. Some have great pictures and audio for the words. Others allow you to take pictures (to personalize the app) and pronounce the word yourself. These are great for babies but would also be good for foreign language vocabulary learning for kids. There are tons of such apps present in the app market and to decide which one is the appropriate for your little one, it is quite overwhelming process. Therefore, for your ease we found an app from the app store that is all about your kids. We are proudly here to present you, iCat Learn Spanish & English.

How it works?

iCat is the app that uses the unique way to educate your kids in two different foreign languages and improves their spoken and vocabulary skills through the gamification process. The app is perfect blend of entertainment plus education. With easy to use controls and lovely unique artwork.

This game contains more than 30 different illustrations of cute animals with their names. The thing that makes it the best one is that your kid can learn many essential words just by playing and they never get bored is the graphics, as they are the result of dedicated research that attracts your kid to use this app with more concentration and dedication.

The app includes funny animations and real sounds of these animals. There are also pronunciations for the animal names included in the app from the Spanish and English voice actors. This makes the process of learning English much easier.

The app is available worldwide for only $4.99 and you can install it on any platform either iOS or MAC OS X. If you are worried about you kids’ education, download it today and the leave the rest to this dedicated app.

App Store Download Link: iCat Learn Spanish & English

Mac App Store: iCat Learn Spanish & English


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