Infinite Runner 2D Game App Eggscapade for Epic Gaming Experience


Looking for an alternative to repetitive time-killers like Angry Birds or Candy Crush? Take a welcome detour with a truly engaging and interesting adventure game. This genre’s focus on exploration, puzzles, and story makes it a natural fit for mobile, leading to a rich variety of titles. You’ll also find plenty of personality in these titles, some focusing on horror, some on time travel and some on murder mysteries.

A Unique 2D Infinite Runner Game App

Now read carefully because here we have some quite unique and interesting 2D infinite runner style game app called Eggscapade that is worthy of attention in the name of great fun! So this is an adventure type of game where you play as an egg to try and get as far you can across a randomly generated level with obstacles you need to avoid.

Create Levels as You Wish

In order to enjoy this funny adventure, there are daily login rewards and a shop to purchase and upgrade items to run the game successfully. There is also the option for random generating terrains and objects that give a more enjoyable taste of the Eggscapade’s gameplay. In other words, you create the entertainment as you desire. Sounds quite intriguing, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s our job and duty to emphasize games like this one for our loyal public readers, because games like this will be such a shame to be missed.

Free to Play

Now go and visit the Google Play Store link where the Eggscapade is available for free downloading. Give it a try and share with us your thoughts, opinions, and experience. We’re waiting for it, now enjoy it!

Google Play Download Link: Eggscapade App


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