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If there’s one thing your iPhone is good for, forgetting all apps for a moment, is to help you socialize. I mean, really, we text and talk, and text and talk, all day long. Some people might think all this interaction with our friends via the phone actually makes us less social. I don’t think so. I talk more, and more frequently, with my family and friends than ever before.

But we all know that we are not secure while online. Our conversations, posts, etc. can be tracked, intercepted or monitored. This is why today we’re sharing with you the new social media app that delivers completely safe and secure communication to its users. Finally, social media networking done right! The app is called InnerGroup, and we can all thank its developer Santo Porpiglia. It is simple, easy to use, presented with beautiful design, and provides with tons of features.

First of all, you should know that the InnerGroup app allows you to easily send and receive secure, end-to-end encrypted texts, videos, photos, etc. With it, users can start or join a tight-knit group that is comprised exclusively of members – who are called “Groupies”. Only people (a.k.a. Groupies) who are invited can join a group. Everyone else has to request access from the group’s owner. This is ideal for both personal and professional use. No need for signing in with your email or telephone number, just write your name and surname and start or join a group with selected people. Plus, the app features an automatic server deletion, group owner deletion, group lock option, and many more.

We highly suggest you try it right now, you will be really amazed. Just click the link you need (we’ve provided all of them below) and enjoy a new and safer way of communicating!

Google Play Download Link:  InnerGroup

App Store Download Link:  InnerGroup

Mac Store Download Link:  InnerGroup

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