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It’s easy to get overwhelmed with negativity in your daily life. You might read about troubling news stories, face challenges in your career that expose your weaknesses or deal with stress that makes your personal life unbearable. But just as you can cast out darkness with a light switch or a flashlight, you can cast out negativity through the power of positive affirmations. Today we will talk about one of the best affirmations app on iOS – Affirmations for Anything (currently on limited time offer available for free).

What is Affirmations for Anything?

This is an affirmations app that takes different approach on how you implement them daily. First of all it represents a great source of universal affirmations that you can apply to your daily life. The app also gives you ability to record affirmations with your own voice and let’s you create playlists of affirmations.

One of the cool features of Affirmations for Anything is the affirmations tree. This beautifully animated tree grows as you listen to more and more affirmations daily. It serves as a motivation to listen to more affirmations, which in the end will uplift you and help you stay more focused and inspired.

The app also lets you add great background music while you listen to your affirmations. If you lack affirmations and looking to find new ones, you can unlock the app’s additional affirmations which are divided by categories.

All these great features make Affirmations for Anything one of the best and most versatile affirmations app on the App Store. Try it for free for a limited period of time!

App Store Download Link: Affirmations for Anything


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