iOS App of the Day – Flashcardy


According to an article on about the best and worst learning techniques, active learning methods (e.g. writing) are far more useful for long-term retention than passive learning methods (e.g. highlighting or underline words). One of the best ways? Surprisingly enough: flashcards, according to research from the Association of Psychological Science.

Flashcards are an effective means of learning. They let you memorize a bunch of information about various topics in a shorter period of time. Additionally, they’re generally easy to make. If you need a study tool and don’t feel like creating comically large flashcards to do it, below is one of our favorite apps for the job.

What is Flashcardy?

We’re talking about Flashcardy, an amazing flashcards maker app that will help you with your studying. With it, you will study smarter and memorize topics with an ease. Create decks, flashcards with images, photos and custom formatting to enhance your studying process. Have one of the most effective learning techniques right on your iDevice. Flashcardy is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, it’s free to use, offering some in-app purchases and upgrades.

Why do we love Flashcardy?

Flashcardy is a simple flashcard app that provides with various useful features, all packed with one intuitive and neat user interface. The app is suitable for students on the go, for learning languages, for teachers and professors, for adults learning new skills or refining old skills – basically for anyone who wants to learn in a more organized and smarter way. All you have to do is install Flashcardy on your device and start creating flashcards. You can choose any topic, you can add text and photos, manage your decks, edit your cards and use them whenever necessary. You will remember everything that you’re studying because using flashcards is proven to be a powerful study method.

If you want to have this flashcard maker to learn quickly and start memorizing the easy way, just open the following App Store link and download it right away.

App Store Download Link: Flashcardy