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If you thought of writing your own book, nowadays there are many book creator apps available for your smartphone that allow you to write down the thoughts and ideas you have and convert them into a book. Because of the popularity of these apps, we are here to help you find the best book creator for you to try yourself as a writer. We looked and we have to offer you an incredible book creator app that will let your feelings and thoughts become a book. Let’s discuss this book creator.

What is Mind Book?

Mind Book is a great special place for all of you that like to try yourself as writers. This incredible book creator app is easy to use and very efficient, developed for IOS users that like to write down their feelings, ideas and thoughts and convert them into a book. With the help of this book creator, you will be able to let your feelings and thoughts become a book. Have fun and use your imagination and creativity to write your own book easily, directly from your phone, writing anything you can think of.

Why do we love it?

This book creator app offers various features that will make your writing experience incredibly fun and exciting. To convert your feelings and thoughts and create your own book, all you need to do is to open this book creator app and add the text you want. Choose a font you like the most and add any text you like to. The book creator will beautifully organize the lines you write.

The lines you write on the book app can be edited at any time as you like. Each line you write within the book creator is accompanied by tiny stars that are glowing. The book you write can be easily saved within the book creator. If you like, you can also send your book to others so they can read what you wrote and tell you what they think of your book. Use your imagination and convert thoughts, feelings, and ideas you have into a book with the help of this incredible book creator app.

Download the app for free on App Store now to let your feelings, thoughts, and ideas become a book!

App Store Download Link: Mind Book


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