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Social apps are one of the most popular ones and tons of them are developed for smartphone users, making it hard for all of us to discover a unique social app that offers us the chance to have fun while meeting new people. If you are looking for a social app that stands out from the same old same social apps, we looked and we found one amazing social app created especially for maximum post fun between men and women.

What is the PlayBook app all about?

PlayBook is an amazing and quite unique social app which is developed for iOS users. The app is quite easy to use, very fun and it offers a clean user-friendly interface, designed especially for maximum post fun between all women and men. On this app, only women can post and only men can reply on posts. Just create your profile, choose your gender and connect. Have fun connecting with users, posting and commenting, until the last the reply survives.

Why do we love it so much?

This social app offers various features that will allow both men and women to have fun and enjoy meeting new people. PlayBook works quite simple. Women are allowed to post within the app but they cannot like or reply on each other’s posts. Men are not allowed to post but they can reply and like the women’s posts. On this app, men need to comment and compete to be last reply left on every woman’s posts they commented one, until the last reply survives.

Only one reply is left on every post. Also, the app offers you a popular posts tab where you all the popular posts that are posted. Women will have fun posting and men get the chance to compete and be the last comment standing on the post they choose to reply one. Both, men and women will enjoy their time on the app, posting, commenting and meeting new people.

Download the app for free now on App Store to enjoy the exciting post fun between women and men!

App Store Download Link: PlayBook


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