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Nowadays is quite easy for all music lovers to get access to their favorite music simply by using their phones, discovering new music they would like from across the world, with just a tap. However, not every of these very popular music apps offers you this type of music experience. If you are looking for a simple and yet powerful music app to help you stream music and browse through albums and artists, we looked and we found an amazing music app for you. It’s called Songzilla and it is our iOS App of the Day.

What is Songzilla?

Songzilla is an amazing community-based music app created for all music lovers all around the world. The app is quite easy to use, very user-friendly, offering a simple interface. Developed for iOS users, the app offers you to easily browse artists, albums and stream the music you choose, with the help of YouTube. The music lovers are the real operators of the app and with their contribution, the app offers the most incredible music experience. Show your love for music and join this community to enjoy your favorite music and discover new music, on your phone, anytime and anywhere.

Why do we love Songzilla?

This music app offers all music lovers various amazing features that will give them a music experience on a whole another level. Directly on your phone, whenever you want to, you will enjoy your favorite music and even discover new music easily. Enjoy unlimited music whenever you want and just with a tap on the app browse to find your favorite artists and listen to their albums. While you listen to the music you choose you can also check out honest ratings from real people all around the world.

Using Songzilla, you can have unlimited access from all your devices. Different genres of music are available, giving you a lot of music choices for everyone’s music taste. Play and shuffle songs and albums and create your own playlists with the songs you like the most. Also, you can name the playlists as you like. Enjoy listening to music and get a high-quality music experience in this community of music lovers.

Download the app for free from the App Store to stream your favorite music and browse artists and albums!

App Store Download Link: Songzilla


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