iOS Game of the Day – Stickman jailbreak escape 2016


Escape games are a sub-genre of puzzle games. They are vastly better in real life. However, there are some games that have similar elements. For those who may not know, escape games have you placed in a room or a situation and your goal is to escape. If you like thrilling escape games that will put your skills on test, we looked and we discovered one very addictive, fun to play and yet challenging escape game that will push you to the limits as you try to escape from jail. Let’s discuss this game.

What is Stickman jailbreak escape 2016?

This is an incredibly addictive, fun to play and yet challenging escape game which is developed for iOS users. Stickman wants to escape from the slammer because his unjustly condemned and wants to be free, so your task is to help him get out of jail. All lovers of escape and prison break games will enjoy the non-linear plot, amusing animation and voice will keep you interested in playing each time as your brain will be pushed to think harder and faster.

How to play Stickman jailbreak escape 2016?

The features and the thrilling gameplay offered in this escape game will get you hooked to playing on your first try. Because Stickman was framed and wants to be free, you need to try all the ways to escape. As you start playing, next to you there is a box with various objects so you need to choose any object while enjoying the interesting animation script.

Players need to be quick while shooting and hitting policemen or capturing guardians of the law. In this game, you will discover available clubs, tools grinders and hammer and in your hand, you must keep the teleport and weapons such as a powerful gun, grenade and a lot more other weapons. Help the Stickman break free and escape the prison to get to his beloved wife. Test your skills and try to get Stickman out of the slammer and have fun on the thrilling escape adventure.

Download the game for free now on the App Store to test your skills and help the Stickman escape from jail!

App Store Download Link: Stickman jailbreak escape 2016


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