IQ Jackpot – Unique Live Trivia Game with Real Prizes



Trivia games are quite popular among smartphone users and these games can be quite exciting, fun and challenging for players that like to sharpen their brain and test their encyclopedic knowledge. However, not every of these games will challenge you and make you feel like on a real trivia show. To make the search easier, we have one incredible live trivia game where you can win real cash prizes for your knowledge and trivia skills. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This live trivia game is developed on IOS platform as very unique, exciting and challenging trivia game that will help the player have fun, win real cash prizes and test his encyclopedic knowledge in the same time. The player needs to answer trivia questions and get them all correctly if he wants to win against the other players in the live show. Joining the live show can be done by purchasing a ticket for only $0.99. New show is starting every hour on the hour and the jackpot’s size is indicated on the player’s home screen. Don’t be late and purchase the ticket on time.

Why do we choose IQ Jackpot?

IQ Jackpot is offering players various unique features that will get them addicted to playing fast and make them want to test their encyclopedic knowledge by answering the trivia questions. To test his knowledge, the player can use the cube and when he rolls the cube he will browse the knowledge categories of the game. The cube can be turned so the user can browse inside a category and by tapping the image on the cube he will watch the related video. To join the next live game, the player needs to only purchase his ticket. The game offers an image for each game question and the correct answer is one of the three captions under that image. The correct answer needs to be selected within 10 seconds and the player must answer all of them correctly to stay in the game and win the prize. With one strike the player is out but he can continue playing just not for the cash prize.

For winning the game, all questions need to be answered correctly and if more than one person wins, the prize is split evenly. Directly to the winner’s PayPal account the prize is cashed out easily. If a player gets a question wrong, no worries the game offers extra lives that can purchased for only $4.99 or the player can get earn them by inviting new users to play the game.

Download this game for free on App Store now to win cash prizes by answering live trivia questions.

Official Website: IQ Jackpot

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