iTrackHockey – Helping Coaches Track Their Team’s Performance


iTrackHockey is a hockey stat tracking app developed and designed with the help of hockey players and coaches with the purpose of improving the stats collecting process during the game which can help everyone improve their tactics and overall game performance. Hockey coaches can use this app, to help them track and learn from their players’ performance as well as to review and analyze stats from past games. This app simplifies the data collection process and delivers visual representation of the statistical results, so coaches can better analyze and learn from all their team’s games.

The benefits of using iTrackHockey

Upon trying several stats tracking apps, and most of them were not free, the iTrackHockey free stats tracking app was the best one we’ve found. It takes a little bit of time to set up the rosters and team, but once you have that figured out and in place, you can assign one of your assistants to track the games and it allows for easy analysis of your team’s and individual players performance. It tracks almost any event you would need to remember in a hockey game and categorizes them in a way that is easy to access and share.

iTrackHockey’s features

The iTrackHockey comes with plenty of features including ones like tracking goals and assist points, viewing replay of shot history by both yours and the opponent team, viewing team and individual player’s stats on shots, missed shots, goals, assists and face-offs, tracking players, locations, quantity of shots on-net and more. iTrackHockey is an easy to use stats tracker for your hockey team. It allows you set up team and individual player’s profiles and track the shots and goals in games. All the games are automatically saved and can be viewed at any time. Shots are tracked on a chart of the rink by simply tapping the location on the rink anywhere the shot was taken.

If you want to give iTrackHockey a try, the app is available for download, for free, at the App Store.

App Store Download Link: iTrackHockey