KissPay – Appreciate the World around You



In the current world of “Uber for everything,” there are numerous apps to carry out the act of gift-giving on demand. But as Facebook continues to alert us to our closest friends’ birthdays and Instagram shout-outs take birthday cards public, we can’t help but feel that the world of gift-giving might be lacking that essential personal touch. Thanks to social networking apps, it’s never been easier to keep in contact with the world around you. Many of the best social networking apps out there have been around for a while, but as smartphones get smarter, so do the apps, and you can now do more than ever. Unlike many other ways to show appreciation,

That’s why today we have to share with you this amazing app. KissPay can connect you directly to someone you want to donate and you can do it in a very simple and easy way.

What is KissPay all about?

Unlike many traditional apps that allow you to send appreciation gifts or donations, KissPay can connect you to the recipient and make it much easier to show them support. A person who wants to show appreciation opens up the app and sends ‘Kisses’ to an individual or a group. The recipient receives this appreciation on their KissPay app in the form of KissCredits. Every KissCredit is equal to one US dollar.

Standout Features

KissPay does not charge the person who sends KissCredits nor the recipient. Instead, one KissCredit is withheld from the recipient every time they receive a transaction. Recipients can take KissCredits on to a personal KissPay branded prepaid debit card in their local currency. The best thing about KissPay is that it has an ‘Incognito’ mode meaning you can choose if showing your appreciation to a recipient is anonymous or not.

You can download this app now for free on your iOS or Android device.

Google Play Download Link: KissPay

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