Labyrintheon – Exciting Board Corridor Maze Battle Game


Board games are experiencing a renaissance in recent years and it doesn’t take a lot of time to dig in the Google Play Store or App Store to see it reflected. Because tons of these games are developed, discovering a more unique board game that will keep you entertained and challenged is not that easy. To make it easier for you, we decided to look and we have to offer an incredible mix of a board corridor maze battle game – Labyrintheon.

What is Labyrintheon?

To put your skills on the test, this board corridor maze battle game is a mix of the very best that offer turn-based board strategy, corridor, and maze smartboard games. Developed on the iOS and Android platforms, the game is quite exciting and challenging where every move you make matters. With its sharp graphics and cool sounds, the game will get you addicted fast. Try to outsmart your opponent and get to the other side of the board first before your opponent reaches the other side.

Why play Labyrintheon?

Labyrintheon offers you amazing features and unique exciting gameplay that will get you addicted to the game fast. The game will put your skills on the test with each move you decide to make. Your task is to move for 1 field and wait for your turn, you can choose to move or jump over your opponent if he stands next to you or build a wall to get your opponent run through the labyrinth. Outsmart your opponent so you can reach the other side of the board before him or choose to destroy him instead.

You can use power-ups along the way like shock waves, field switchers, wall punches and speed boosts to help you outsmart your opponent. In the game, you can compete for solo against the computer, choosing difficulty settings such as easy, medium and hard corridor board strategy battle. Also, you can battle against other players or compete against your friends in the local board game multiplayer mode. Check your win and losses stats for any game mode at any time you want to.

Download this game on App Store and Google Play now to get to the other side of the board before your opponent!

Official Website: Labyrintheon

App Store Download Link: Labyrintheon

Google Play Download Link: Labyrintheon


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