The Last Ruse – Exciting Action Shooting Game


Responsive, high-resolution touch screens and powerful phones let Android devices deliver full-featured action experiences complete with stunning graphics and gameplay to mobile gamers. With choosing the most interesting and exciting action game for your phone you will enjoy for sure the amazing addictive gameplay, while fighting crime and creating an avatar that will become a hero. So, we searched and we have one action shooting game for you. Let’s see what the game offers you.

What is this game about?

This is one amazing and exciting action avatar game that is developed on both android and IOS platform for users that like to test their shooting skills while creating their own avatar. On this addictive action game the players are offered to enjoy the amazing high-quality design with sharp graphics and the interesting sound effects every time they shoot on the game.  Players need to keep their avatar alive and save their city from the ISIS commander and his companions, shooting and killing them one by one to become the hero in their city.

Why do we choose it?

The Last Ruse as an action shooting game is allowing users to enjoy the exciting gameplay while testing their skills of shooting by letting them to kill the enemies in their city. One task is given to the players. The players need to save their city from the ISIS commander and all his companions, shooting them to kill them while keeping their avatar in the game safe as long as possible till they tackle the enemy. With keep playing, the player will unlock many new and powerful weapons which can be used against the powerful weapons of the enemy. The real threat is the ISIS commander but before the player can reach him, he must kill all bosses in front of him, one by one. The players need to think of a smart strategy to tackle the enemy’s tank while gathering strength and collecting their own tank to win the game, destroy the enemy and become heroes.

Download this game now on App Store and Google Play for free.

App Store Download Link: The Last Ruse

Google Play Download Link: The Last Ruse


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