Let’s get ready to beat the heat with Traffic Racer 2017


There are a bunch of different types of cars games. Some are simulations, others are racing games, and others still are puzzle games. The topic grew rather quickly on mobile. Racing games especially have some of the best graphics of any mobile game. There are a bunch of cars games out there. Some of them are pretty good. A few are great. However, here in this review, we have brought our favorite pick that is available by the name, Traffic Racer 2017.

What is Traffic Racer 2017?

Traffic Racer 2017 is a thrilling and exciting supercar racing game. Be the best driver of some of the fastest cars on the city streets in a collection of some of the world’s most exciting sports cars. This amazingly realistic racing car driving game is packed full of super cool fast racecars and exciting, dynamic racing levels. Traffic Racer 2017 will pit you against other racers and you must drive into first place and reach the finishing line before the other racers.

The game brings superb 3D graphics with stunning background music and you are going to get the chance to drive in four different environments,  City, Island, Rain, Snow, and Desert. There are two gaming modes either you choose to build your career in Career Mode and complete 40 levels to be the best driver of the town or to choose an endless driving mode to explore the beauty of the city. Controls for the game are simple and easy to understand. Touch the screen or tilt your phone to steer your vehicle. To speed up your race car tap on the gas button and to Slow down by touching the brake button to avoid hitting other cars. Earn rewards and keep adding new cars to your collection.

Currently, this game is available for Android Platform devices and you can get this for your device by tapping the direct download link at the end of this review.

Google Play Download Link: Traffic Racer 2017


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