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If you still need to brush up on your NFL knowledge, rest assured that you’re not alone. With plenty of expert fantasy info available at your fingertips, anybody can hoist their league’s trophy by season’s end using one of the many apps offered for your smartphone nowadays. We searched and we found one amazing fantasy sports app that offers you many cash awards for your best performance – letsRUMBL. Let’s see what the app offers you.

What is this app about?

This sports app is created for fantasy sports, developed especially on IOS platform, very fun and easy for playing, helpful for fantasy sport lovers to get effortlessly the help they need with their players while allowing them to win real cash prizes for their achievements. On the app, players can easily draft and win fantasy sports with using the app’s fastest drafting system in the world by only picking their player from each Star Tier. The app is great for players on the go, giving free cash pay-outs for the top performers every week.

Why do we choose it?

letsRUMBL is offering players to enjoy 2 different game modes, the head to head game mode that offers challenging a friend or letting the app to match the user with a rival and the group mode for playing with more people with bigger prizes for winning. With the help of this app, players can earn new badges each day by the app’s achievement system and even use the amplifier of the app for creating up to 25 games at once. On the app, players are getting free entries to the leaderboard each week, draft in seconds without salary cap contests and keeping up with the live score constantly to follow each move of their players.

The players can add their friends to the rival list and then to squash in H2H or GROUP contests, also they can get to get back in action if they need to fast by using the 1 touch rematch. Users can send each other friendly nudges to get other users join a specific contest. Many prizes are awaiting the top performance players every week, real cash awards for the best. Download this app now on App Store for free.

Official Website: letsRUMBL

App Store Download Link: letsRUMBL


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