Line Drawing Physic Drop for exercising brain and logic and entertaining yourself in the same time


Your phone is the last bastion of entertainment when you’re stuck waiting, well, anywhere. But refreshing your Facebook news feed or sending Snapchats of your best “i’m bored” face will occupy your mind only for so long. Believe it or not, there’s a better way to pass the time: brain games. They’re apps designed to increase your mental acuity while feeding your need for mindless entertainment. Try a few out on your morning commute and watch your productivity skyrocket.

A unique brain puzzle game

Let we now introduce a specially selected game that will make a difference in your mobile gaming experience. The game that we pick for today is called Line Drawing Physic Drop, a quite unique line physic game that will entertain you on the amazing way and train your “brain muscles” at the same time.

The game play goes with drawing lines that will control the movements of the cube and drop it into the bowl on the end. The movement effects are so realistic and close to the law of physics which gave amazing fool to the game, so it’s very easy to spend hours in addicting and hypnotizing game play.

What are the features Line Drawing Physic Drop?

There is huge space in this game, 30 levels to test or train your brain capabilities. The length and types of the lines are different for each level and for every movement that you will make. The red ones mean the cube will move upwards, the green means that the cube will bounce on top of it and the black that cube will slide down etc.

Free to download

Yes, with Line Drawing Physic Drop a hell of a fun we are a guarantee! Our team is already highly addicted to it and they try to master the game with the great amount of enthusiasm. So don’t miss a unique, entertaining and exercising game like this one and download it for free. The links are right here down below.

Google Play Download Link: Line Drawing Physic Drop

App Store Download Link: Line Drawing Physic Drop


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