Love4style – Fun Virtual Try-On Tool for Hairstyle & Glasses Looks


Do you have the desire to change your look and become more fabulous than ever? How to discover new looks and try them before you decide to change your style? With the right try-on tool on your smartphone, you will be able to have and try different looks to discover yourself. Among so many of these tools, choosing the best one can be hard. Because of that, we searched and discovered an amazing virtual try-on tool for hairstyles and glasses you need to try. It’s called Love4style.

What is Love4style?

This entertainment app is created as a virtual try-on tool that is fun for users that like to create new looks with amazing hairstyles, cool glasses or sultry sunglasses. Easy to use, this app is developed on the iOS platform and it offers yours a collection of the latest trends of eyewear style and hairstyles. Dedicated for fashionistas, the app allows businesses also to connect, build their brand awareness and enhance their customer engagement. Via new looks discover yourself and have fun trying styles.

How to use Love4style?

With this entertainment app, you are able to try on the latest trends of hairstyle and eyewear styles and use the app’s capability to instantly share the looks you’ve created. Users within the app will discover and get the chance to try hairstyles for women and men, hair coloring, eyeglasses for women and men, eyeglasses and sunglasses with flexible filters too.

For hairstyles

Within the hair style virtual try on section users can try on:

. Trendy Hairstyles.

. Various hairstyle categories.

. Hair Coloring

. Flexible Hair Edit approaches.

. Hairstyles by gender.

. Capability to combine with other styling items ( eyeglasses & Sunglasses)

For eyewear

With the eyewear virtual try on, users can find:

. Trendy eyeglasses & sunglasses.

. Various eyewear styles.

. Flexible  edit approaches.

. Eyewear by gender.

The user guide is included within the app. The looks you try can be shared on social media like Twitter or Facebook and the flexible styling tools can help you to unlock and edit styles. To separate or create different combinations you can use multiple filters and the fun and friendly interaction such as the styling with fingers is available as an alternative option.

Save, review and adjust your favorite looks with availability of models for you to try to be familiar with the app functionalities.

Use as a business

The custom features allow businesses to enhance their customer engagement and show their products too. This means that they can allow users to try on the glasses or hairstyles and promote their brand.

Download this app on the App Store for free now to try on the latest trends of hairstyle and eyewear styles!

App Store Download Link: Love4style

Website: Love4Style


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