Make Unlimited Calls & Text for Free or for Just $5 a Month with FreeRange Mobile


Using Android or iOS apps to make phone calls to any phone number can be a huge plus. With confusing and expensive mobile plans and long term contracts everywhere you turn, having a cost effective way to use your mobile device for local and international calls to both landlines and mobiles can save you heaps of money and frustration. One of the best apps that offer stable mobile phone and landline calls is FreeRange Mobile.

At its core FreeRange Mobile is a texting and calling app for Android and iOS that gives you an US phone number and later enables you to have high quality, stable calls to any phone number or landline phone number.

Once you make an account you’ll get a phone number and then you can start a free trial. In this completely free trial you may see and test if this app will be of use for you. If you find it reliable and stable (like we did) you may subscribe for $5 per month (there is a premium plan for more advanced usage too).

The $5 per month plan allows for unlimited calls and texts in USA, Canada and Mexico. It is simple, if you need to make calls in these countries, this is the cheapest and easiest way to do it. You are basically keeping your own local SIM card and with the help of the app you are getting second phone number that you may use for business or private reasons – together with your regular phone number.

The UI and design are very intuitive and contemporary. The performance of the unlimited calls app is surprisingly stable as well. The fact that there are no ads, makes things even better. Overall, FreeRange Mobile is a must try for anybody seeking for a new free calling and texting app!

Google Play Download Link: FreeRange Mobile: Unlimited Call & Text Made Easy

App Store Download Link: FreeRange Mobile: Call & Text


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