Make me yellow is a Thrilling Puzzle game for Android


The puzzle genre within the mobile gaming market is still thriving. Every day Google Play’s new selection of mobile games happens to feature a wealth of great puzzlers. These puzzles delve into RPG battle mechanics, your beloved animated characters’ adventures, saving astronauts and more. Make sure to spend countless hours looking down at your screen while you play these awesome mobile puzzlers. To help you get started we are here with a review for a best new Android puzzle game that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. We are talking about “Make me yellow”.

What is Make me yellow?

Make me yellow is the new puzzle collection developed for Android OS devices where you will be solving different kinds of brain-twisting challenges from, different logic puzzles to control mechanisms, math, physics, scale, coloring etc. However, all of these come up with the same objective for which you have to go through all these challenges and it is to turn the game screen to yellow.

In the puzzle game, you will be doing the different task to attain your objective like turning to the right scale, mixing of different colors to make the yellow color and for sure you will surely discover the laws of graphics by going through these practices. There are dozens of levels packed with hours of unlimited fun that you will always have the eager to play more.

Presently this game is available for your Android platform devices and to get this free on your devices simply follow the direct download link present at the end of this helping review.

Google Play Download Link: Make me yellow

App Store Download Link: Make Me Yellow