Math Drills Arcade Game is ultimate educational app for learning about basic arithmetic operations


As much as we hate numbers, we know we cannot escape them. Just when you thought you were rid of your primary and high school classes, numbers are everywhere. They can be part of your job and they certainly can be part of your grocery shopping. Whether you are an adult who wants to keep your skill with numbers sharp or you are a parent tutoring his or her child in mathematics, we have your back. We have compiled this review for an app, Math Drills Arcade Game.

What is Math Drills Arcade Game?

Math Drills Arcade Game is an app that will help your child in learning mathematics and provide you easy and flexible control over the process and tracking the results. The app brings you different exercises that feature basic arithmetic functions like, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division with a user-friendly interface. Once the correct answer is identified among the four available options tap on it and you will be forwarded to the next equation. The results are displayed at the end of each quiz session, Moreover, the quizzes for each function are separately categorized and you can choose to play a particular arithmetic function from the main screen.

This educational game is recommended for kids of all ages, as it has a variety of quizzes. The activities involved in this game will keep on increasing children’s skills in mathematics, developing their ability to solve exercises by using their brain. Also in solving all the math quizzes, your kid can play with numbers and operators that are practically brain food and therefore keeps you hooked on math.

This app is presently available for Android and you can have it without any cost from the link present at the end.

Google Play Download Link: Math Drills Arcade Game