MenxApp – Easily Share & Sync Contacts in Real Time



A whole host of apps on the Google Play market can help you turn a disorderly mess of contacts into a cleanly sorted address book. With the right app on your phone you can easily, without much effort organize the contacts, sync and share them in real time, whenever you want. Finding the best app for this purpose is hard. To help you, we looked and we found one amazing communication app for contact sharing and syncing. Let’s discuss about this app.

What is MenxApp?

MenxApp is a great communication app which is developed for android users as one efficient and helpful contact sharing and syncing app that offers users help with the contacts on their phones. With the help of this syncing app, users will be able to easily share and sync contacts with family, friends and colleagues in real time, effortlessly. By using this app, users will be offered to organize and manage the contacts in their phonebook by preference. All users can easily reach each contact they need at their fingerprints.

Why do we love it?

This app is allowing its users efficiently and easily to import their contacts from the phonebook instantly. With the help of this app, users can easily and quickly organize contacts in their phonebook with tags, lists, and filters. The app allows its users to sync contacts from their phonebook in real time with other people like friends and colleagues. All users can themselves control the permissions of who can access specific contacts in their phonebook. On the app, users are offered to effortlessly backup and restore their contacts on any device, whenever they need to. The app is free for individuals, and free for teams they want to use the basic features offered for syncing and sharing. Very easy for using, this is a highly light-weighted app and simply created, this sharing and syncing app is a great choice for making collaborations among friends and colleagues easier and more practical.

Download the app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: MenxApp