Micro Vendor Adventures – Fun & Challenging Retro Puzzle Adventure Game


For all players that like to get reminded of the retro puzzle games they’ve played in their childhood, nowadays these games are available for playing on smartphones. If you are looking for a fun and challenging retro game that will get you hooked on your first try, we are here to help you choose wisely. We searched and discovered an amazing retro puzzle adventure game that will challenge you while you are relaxing and enjoying the entertaining gameplay. Let’s see what the game offers.

What is this game about?

Micro Vendor Adventures is a retro puzzle adventure game that’s easy to play and very fun, addictive and exciting, offering players a chance to test their puzzle skills while they enjoy the retro gameplay. Developed on the iOS platform, this puzzle adventure is offering the players to enjoy the 8-bit retro graphics and sound effects while each player tries to complete levels and progress to puzzle even harder. The retro puzzle adventure is exploring vending machines near all of us and recruiting players to become the next Vending-Robo.

Why play Micro Vendor Adventures?

Micro Vendor Adventures with its features offered is getting each puzzle addict addicted to playing the game on his first try, keeping his attention each time he plays. Each player on the game by becoming the Vending-Robo needs to deliver soda to his customers in order to complete the level. On the way in each level, the player has to overcome a lot of traps and obstacles on his way, trying to make the game even more challenging for him and to test his skills in order for him to progress. For overcoming the obstacles and traps, the players need to control the environment around them, such as the elevators and the blocks.

Multiple levels are available for the player to test his skills and every new level is more challenging than the level before. Each player has to do his best in order to collect the hidden coins available at each level if he wants to get even higher scores. With challenging puzzles and boss fight, players will have fun with the relaxing gameplay without any time limit for them to complete their levels. The player is not required any in-app purchases so he just needs to download this game and start his adventure to solve the retro puzzles.

Download this game for free on App Store to overcome the obstacles and traps and solve the puzzles!

Official Website: Micro Vendor Adventures

App Store Download Link: Micro Vendor Adventures


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